Internet in Cyprus

Internet in Cyprus

Previously, tourists, going abroad, thought about the Internet last. A few decades ago, rare calls home or a couple of SMS a day were the norm. But modern life makes its own adjustments, so now a rare traveler does not appear online in social networks and instant messengers, going on vacation to other countries. In order not to spend a lot of money on the Internet, you need to know how to use it most profitably. Below we will talk about the Internet in Cyprus.

Wi-Fi in Cyprus

Most often, the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to access the Internet abroad is a wireless Wi-Fi network. In Cyprus, as in many European countries, the wireless network covers all major cities like Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and others. On the island, the wireless network covering towns and resorts is called the Cytanet Wireless Zone. It belongs to the national mobile operator CYTA Vodafone.

Almost all public places (airports, shopping centers, embankments) have free Wi-Fi. It will not be difficult to connect to it – most often such networks are not blocked.
But in some cases, you will have to pay for the connection. This can be done either with a CYTA Vodafone SIM card, or with a prepaid card (it is sold in kiosks and shops in Cyprus).

To pay for access to wireless Internet from a SIM card, you need to send an SMS from a mobile phone to numbers 6100, 6200 or 6300 with the word “WiFi”, in response you will receive a login and password. The prices are as follows:

  • 30 minutes – 1.33 €;
  • 60 minutes – 2.03 €;
  • 120 minutes – 3.05 €.

Using a payment card, you can pay for Internet access for a longer period – 15 days will cost 20 €. This is much more profitable than paying for Wi-Fi by the hour.

Wireless Internet is available in virtually every hotel in Cyprus. For the most part, it is with a password, but usually it is given to guests for free. In rare cases, you have to pay for it (the average price is 1 € per day).

Mobile operators in Cyprus

Many tourists, having arrived on the island, prefer not to rely on wireless Internet, but to purchase a SIM card from a local operator. They can be understood – Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, it often works intermittently or does not connect at all. Most often, you can buy a SIM card immediately after arrival while still at the airport. Also, SIM cards are sold in the offices of providers, in shops, kiosks and supermarkets. To activate a SIM card, you usually need to send an SMS or call a certain number from it. Detailed activation instructions are issued upon purchase of a SIM card.

Next, we will talk about all the major mobile operators in Cyprus.

CYTA Vodafone

This is the largest and most popular Cypriot provider. It covers almost the whole of Cyprus, including even remote mountain villages. To activate a SIM card, simply insert it into your phone and enter the password “1234”. The basic Soeasy package, which is designed for tourists, costs 7.5 €, of which 5 remains on the phone’s balance. You need to replenish your account using payment cards.

Then you will need to activate one of the Internet packages by sending an SMS to 8000:

  • MI Day – you will receive 100 megabytes for 1.5 €, they are valid for one day;
  • Ml Week – 200 megabytes per week for 3 €;
  • Ml Month – 1 gigabyte per month for 10 €;
  • Ml XL – 2 gigabytes per month for 15 €.

The tariff also includes free 90 SMS to local numbers.


Until 2018, there was a telecommunications company MTN in Cyprus, the second largest on the island. Then it was sold and after rebranding it became known as EPIC. Prepaid plans are called Pay As You Go.

Two lines have been developed for tourists – Pay As You Go Connection Pack and Holiday Internet.

The Pay As You Go Connection Pack SIM card costs 2 €, one of which remains on the balance. According to the tariff, the cost of a call abroad is 7 cents per minute, sending a text message is 4 cents.

In order to connect to the Internet, you need to send an SMS to the number 6040:

  • data on week – 300 MB per week for 4 €;
  • data on month – 1 GB per month for 10 €;
  • data on month 2000 – 2 gigabytes per month for 15 €.

For each connection, an additional 4 euros are debited from the account, so it makes sense to immediately pay for the Internet for a longer period.

The second Holiday Internet package costs 20 euros and includes 4 gigabytes of internet, calls and SMS are not included in it. To activate the tariff, you need to dial any Cypriot number.

The account is replenished with the help of top up cards. They are sold in any kiosk or supermarket in Cyprus. On sale there are cards in denominations from 5 to 50 euros. When paying, a 14-digit code is entered.

Travel SIM cards are valid for 15 or 30 days. Then they become inactive.


Unlike the previous two operators, this mobile company is owned by a private individual. PrimeTel is the most successful private mobile company in Cyprus and covers the entire island.
It also has a fare line designed specifically for foreign tourists. It’s called Pay as you go.

You can pay the balance using payment cards. €5, €10 and €20 cards are sold at PrimeTel Mobile sales centers, while €10, €20, €35 and €50 cards can be purchased online. When buying a card, you get free minutes of conversation. The higher the denomination, the more minutes will be donated. Tourists most often purchase a starter package, which includes 4 gigabytes of Internet. It costs 15 euros. The kit comes with SIM cards of three different sizes – mini, micro and nano.

When activated, the card must be topped up with at least 5 €. After payment, the cashier will give you a check with a 16-digit code that you will need to enter to replenish the balance.

IT IS IMPORTANT! After activating the SIM card, to do this, dial the command *135*3#.

If you do not replenish the balance, the SIM card is valid for 30 days, and after replenishing the account, you can use it for another three months.

Tele 2

The Tele2 operator provides its customers with 200 Mb of Internet per day for 350 rubles. To activate the service you need to dial *143*71#, to deactivate – *143*70#. You can check the remaining megabytes by dialing *143*72#. Money from the account will be debited only if the actual access to the network. If on any day you did not use it, then the write-off will not occur. Incoming and outgoing calls cost 20 rubles per minute. Incoming SMS will be free, and outgoing – 6 rubles per message.


In Cyprus, MegaFon has a service called Goodbye Roaming. It costs 399 rubles a day and the principle of its operation is similar to Tele2. You only pay for the days you use the internet. You will have the same speed and limits on the number of megabytes as on the home tariff. If you do not want to connect the service, then the prices will be as follows:

  • 1 minute of the Internet – 9.9 rubles;
  • outgoing or incoming call – 99 rubles per minute;
  • outgoing SMS – 29 rubles.

Incoming SMS will be free, but if an MMS is sent to you, then 30 rubles will be charged for viewing it.


MTS subscribers have access to the Zabugorishche service. By connecting it, you will have access to 100 MB at unlimited speed. Further, the speed of mobile Internet will be limited to 128 kb per second. The cost is 450 rubles per day. Calls and SMS are calculated at the standard home rate. The service is also paid only if you have used the mobile Internet.